Mayor Bob Dixson

Mayor of Greensburg Kansas
Thursday OCTOBER 25, 2012  12:15 PM 

Mayor Bob Dixson

Bob Dixson has served as the Mayor of Greensburg, KS (pop 1,574) since May 2008. He is a Kansas native and has been a resident of Greensburg since 1985. Mayor Dixson is retired from the U.S. Postal Service after 26 years of service. He served 12 years with the USD #422 School Board and eight years as the president. The mayor has held an influential role in Greensburg's rebuilding efforts, implementing green technology and policy after an EF5 tornado occurred in May 2007.

Mayor Dixson strives to make Greensburg the “greenest city in America.” This city's rebuilding efforts include utilizing 100 percent wind power and implementing a resolution that all government buildings are built to LEED platinum specifications, including Greensburg's city hall, a school, and a county hospital. This decision was made as a result of severe tornado damage, which included winds measuring 205 mph, leaving an approximately 1.7-mile wide footprint in the city, which covered approximately 1.5 square miles. 800 residents and 60 businesses have since committed to incorporating sustainable design practices into Greensburg's rebuilding efforts.


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