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Catamount Cat Camp

New for 2018

After 20 years of providing exceptional outdoor science and adventure programs for youth in the Pikes Peak region, Catamount Institute is proud to announce a new summer camp program for 2018. Catamount Cat Camp.

Catamount Cat Camp is a week-long summer camp where your feline friend will experience nature just like their wild cousins. The word Catamount is short for cat-a-mountain which means medium-sized or large wild cats like a cougar or lynx. What better way to honor our name then to give smaller house cats a summer of mountain lion adventure.

Why Catamount Cat Camp?


  • A safe learning environment for pouncing, stretching and sleeping
  • Organic catnip
  • Cat-loving staff
  • Guest speakers from the musical Cats
  • Luxurious spots in the sun for cat naps
  • Empty boxes for free play and hiding

We need your help!

Many cats who want to attend summer camp don’t have the resources to pay for summer cat camp. That’s where you come in. Thanks to incredible donors like you, Catamount Institute has a scholarship fund to never say no to a cat who wants to go to Catamount Cat Camp.  But we cannot do it without you, become a monthly donor and change the life of cat camper today.

**Just in case it wasn’t obvious we are only joking and we hope we put a smile on your face. While we would love to spend a summer with your cat. Cat summer camp is not a thing and while you can’t make a donation to the Cat Camp you CAN make a donation to help human children attend camp. Help us send more human children to summer camp by clicking the DONATE button above.**

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